• Bahrain Steel
    Bahrain Steel: Established in 1984, Bahrain Steel, wholly owned by Foulath, is a leading producer of iron-ore pellets used in the production of steel. It operates two pelletizing plants in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a total capacity of 12 million tons per year. It is the largest DR merchant pelletizing producer in the world and the only one located in the Middle East.
  • SULB
    SULB Company B.S.C.:
    In 2009, Foulath formed SULB as a joint venture with the Japanese steel industry Yamato Kogyo and opened its DRI and heavy steel production plant in Bahrain. It acquired a light-to-medium rolling mill in Jubail, which became SULB Saudi Arabia. The two parts of SULB meet the region’s needs for steel sections, with exports made further afield. It is the Middle East region's first fully integrated medium and heavy beams and structural steel sections producer.
  • Foulath Infotech
    Foulath Infotech: In 2019, Bahrain Steel and its sister companies from the Foulath Group engaged in an all-out commitment to a state-of-the-art digitalization transformation programme. Welcome to the start of a new era. Welcome to Foulath 4.0
Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision
To be a leading value creator in the iron and steel industry, delivering admirable and sustainable results through innovation and inventiveness.

Our Mission
To enable sustainable value creation across the iron and steel value chain through the thoughtful application of capital and capability.

Our Values
Safety | Safety for all, above all, at all times, everywhere
Customer Focus | Customer service is not a department, it is everyone’s job
Sustainability | Working viably to develop the future
Integrity | Do the right thing, even when no one is watching
Collaboration | Together we stand, divided we fall
Respect | Respect for myself, for others, for quality of life, and for the planet we all share
Innovation | New ideas come from anywhere
Do more with less | Measure twice, cut once